Why it’s important to not have more than two sports going on at the same time

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There are four major leagues in North America: National Football League (NFL), National Hockey League (NHL), National Basketball Association (NBA) and Major League Baseball (MLB).

All of them have their own share of impact on the fans and crowds. However, one thing which has never happened is all of them taking place in the same season. And 2018 is that year.
This is a rare equinox that many feel should not happen. The major leagues are part and parcel of North America. Keeping up with one is already a struggle but four? None of the fans is having any of that.

However, in the 1970s having all major leagues played in the same season was not a rare thing. But the millennials are not aware nor are they used to having a whole month of major leagues.

Here is a look at the perfect calendar where only two leagues should be played in each season.

• September to October (National Football League and Major League Baseball)
MLB needs at least 160 matches for a full season. On the other hand, NFL has 256 games which 16 teams need to play. These two months are the best time to play because both the sports are fun. Honestly, a few weeks into MLB things get a bit boring while the NFL always has the same teams dominating the entire season. During the first months the fans can keep up with the two sports. You get to watch all teams as they try and make through the qualifiers.

• November to Late December (National Football League and National Hockey League)
The holiday seasons surely do stand out as some to watch some NFL matches. Things have been made a bit better because of the prime-time NFL games. A schedule has already been laid out which will feature all the powerhouses such as New England Patriots, Green Bay, Atlanta Falcons, Chicago Bears and so many more. The prime-time games are aired every Monday, Thursday and Sunday. Hockey should start a bit late, in December. We could all use a weekend where we can play this marvellous game in earnest.

• Christmas-Early February (National Basketball Association and National Hockey League)
The NBA starts on Christmas day and it has always been this way since 1967. This is the best time for casual NFL fans to wind down and start focusing on NBA. NHL, on the other hand, should continue since fans are already into it since the holidays began.

• Superbowl-March
Superbowl is the highest rated event in any network each year. It is the crème de la crème of football. It is estimated that 112.2 million fans watch the Superbowl each year. Plus all the Superbowl parties, nobody wants to ever miss those.

• April-July (National Hockey League and National Basketball Association)
This is the best time to watch hockey because it actually makes sense. Moreover, it is that time when playoffs are over and we are just waiting to see who walks away with the Stanley Cup.