One should only participate in two sports at a time – Here is why

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There are many sports opportunities which have popped up in the last decade. Students who are pros in various sports have gone ahead to get scholarships from various prestigious schools. While you can enjoy playing and betting on your favourite games with a Betin Uganda promo code, you too wouldn’t want many games together, would you? For one, it will just become a bit too taxing for you to know which game to bet on and which to miss out on!

Multi-sport athletes are more resilient, competitive and coachable than their single counterparts. Parents and teachers have gone ahead to advise children to take up multiple sports especially in their pre-adolescent years.

However, things become tricky when the two sports are in the same season. It becomes very hard to keep up with the sports and there is a lack of specialisation. There are many challenges which an athlete faces making the whole multi-sports participation very tiresome.

Firstly athletes face an overload of work. Studies show that an athlete who participates in multi-sports has an increased training load. This is further increased by saturated competition and short periods of rest. This leads to poor performance. Moreover, an increase in workload will lead to high rates of injury which means more time lost.

A season should only have two games because of physical and emotional burnout. Physical exhaustion due to an increase in the overall workload can affect an athlete’s performance. When you look at middle school and high school athletes they are pressured to join multiple teams. Therefore higher rates of burnout are recorded in them.

There are three main causes of burnout when an athlete is playing in more than two games:-
• Societal pressure
• College sponsorships
• Parental pressure

Burnout can cause an athlete to stop playing sports altogether. The society should help athletes overcome the toll of burnout by helping them specialise in only two sports each season.

The energy systems in our body can only sustain two sports per season. This is because coaches will always think about conditioning athletes into the best shape. Thus there will be endless bouts, running drills, staircase runs and suicide sprints.

Each sport an athlete participates in requires different bouts of energy. For instance, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighting and soccer require long bouts of the workout. However, a sport like a baseball will require less energy. Thus you cannot play both MMA and soccer in the same season, they will drain all your energy. However, if you choose baseball and soccer then you can learn to balance them all together.

Sports take up a lot of carbohydrates since there is a lot of energy burnout. Eating healthy food will sure keep an athlete strong and performing but what happens when an athlete takes up multiple sports?

When they take up more than two sports they burn out and athletes struggle taking up calories. Consequently, if they don’t consume enough calories then they lose weight. And no athlete wants these at all.