Manchester United are most valuable football team on Forbes top 50 list

Manchester United have leapfrogged Barcelona and Real Madrid to become the most valuable football club in the world – and the third in all of sport.

United are valued at £2.85bn, up 11 per cent from £2.57bn in 2016.

They have climbed from fifth to third in Forbes’ top 50 rankings. Liverpool, meanwhile, are one of two sides (alongside NBA’s Houston Rockets) who have dropped off the list.

Arsenal fell 20 places and lost 4 per cent of their value, a decline Forbes put down to a fall in the value of the pound following last June’s Brexit vote.

The team who enjoyed the biggest climb, incidentally, was NFL’s Los Angeles Rams – a team owned by Stan Kroenke, who is also Arsenal’s majority shareholder.


1. Dallas Cowboys (NFL)

2. New York Yankees (MLB)

3. Manchester United

4. Barcelona

5. Real Madrid

6. New England Patriots (NFL)

7. New York Knicks (NBA)

8. New York Giants (NFL)

=9. San Francisco 49ers (NFL)

=9. Los Angeles Lakers (NBA)

11. Washington Redskins (NFL)

12. Los Angeles Rams (NFL)

=13. New York Jets (NFL)

=13. Los Angeles Dodgers (MLB)

15. Bayern Munich

16. Chicago Bears (MLB)

16. Boston Red Sox (MLB)

18. Chicago Cubs (MLB)

19. San Francisco Giants (MLB)

=20. Houston Texans (NFL)

=20. Golden State Warriors (NBA)

22. Philadelphia Eagles (NFL)

22. Chicago Bulls (NBA)

24. Denver Broncos (NFL)

25. Miami Dolphins (NFL)

26. Green Bay Packers (NFL)

27. Baltimore Ravens (NFL)

28. Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL)

29. Seattle Seahawks (NFL)

=30. Minnesota Vikings (NFL)

=30. Boston Celtics (NBA)

32. Indianapolis Colts (NFL)

33. Atlanta Falcons (NFL)

34. Oakland Raiders (NFL)

35. Manchester City

36. Los Angeles Chargers (NFL)

37. Carolina Panthers (NFL)

38. Arizona Cardinals (NFL)

=39. Tennessee Titans (NFL)

=39. New York Mets (MLB)

=39.  Los Angeles Clippers (NBA)

42. Jacksonville Jaguars (NFL)

43. Arsenal

44. Kansas City Chiefs (NFL)

45. Cleveland Browns (NFL)

46. Chelsea

47. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFL)

47. Brooklyn Nets (NBA)

47. St Louis Cardinals (MLB)

50. New Orleans Saints (NFL)

50. LA Angels of Anaheim, (MLB)

Story by DailyMail