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South Sudan refugees in Yumbe call for end of war in their country

December 16, 2018 6:26 pm


 By Joseph Kato

South Sudan youth refugees living in Bidibidi camp in Yumbe district have asked warring parties in their country to stop fighting to enable their return to their motherland.

Speaking at Reach A Hand Uganda’s Women, Adolescents and Young people sensitization workshop earlier today, youth refugees said their suffering must be brought to an end.

The WAY program that is being implemented by UNFPA in collaboration with Ministry of Health, Ministry of Gender, will enable women and young people among refugee and host communities to live healthy, productive lives and contribute to their communities’ development.

It is being implemented in the districts of Arua, Yumbe, Moyo, Adjumani, Kitgum, Lamwo, Agago and Amuru, where sexual and reproductive health challenges and high prevalence of gender-based Violence are further complicated by the influx of refugees from South Sudan.



Electoral Commission deregisters four parties

December 16, 2018 6:22 pm


By Nelson Wesonga

The Electoral Commission has deregistered four political parties for not adhering to the Political Parties and Organisations Act, 2005.

The four are the Farmers Party of Uganda, Uganda People’s Party, Popular People’s Democracy and National Revolutionary Organisation.

UPP’s secretary general, Reagan Bwayo and FPU official, Bombokka-Nsiko, confirmed the development, adding that the party has appealed the EC’s decision.

According to the Electoral Commission’s deputy spokesperson, Paul Bukenya, the parties had fallen short of the provisions of Section nine of Act, which provides for the declaration of assets and liabilities, among other requirements.

The declarations must be made within 60 days after the expiry of the first year after the issue to the party of a certificate of registration.

This leaves the country with 25 political parties.


Police raid on Bobi Wine’s hotel condemned

December 16, 2018 6:20 pm


By Ritah Kemigisa

US politicians and lawyers have also condemned Uganda police for their latest raid on a hotel in which the Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi popularly known as Bobi Wine had booked.

Their call comes just a day after police cancelled his music show in Jinja and also went ahead to raid his hotel and allegedly arrested some of his team members.

The California Democratic Representative Karen Bass said on twitter that the stifling of speech and arbitrary arrests have no place in democracy.

Meanwhile the US Congressman Bradley Sherman has asked the government of Uganda to commit to the essential principle of freedom of speech.

A Few weeks ago police issued guidelines for holding music concerts and also asked Bobi Wine to follow the right procedures, short of which he would not be allowed to hold any of his music shows.


The Democratic party President Nobert Mao has called for joint plan from the opposition if they are to form a formidable force that will fight for freedom in the country.

Now Mao the act by police is unacceptable.

He says the opposition needs to unit and organize themselves and stop the infighting if they are to overcome such blocks in their struggle.


Lack of access to clean water affecting pupils' performance

December 15, 2018 3:33 pm

By Catherine Ageno

The lack of access to safe, clean water has been cited as one of the factors that continue to affect learners’ performance in schools in many parts of the country.

Preliminary findings of a new study by Twaweza Uganda carried out in the Western district of Mitooma indicates that children in many households miss school due to illnesses resulting from consumption of unsafe water.

An earlier Sauti wa Wanachi report by Twaweza, anon-governmental organisation, that was released in 2017 shows that only 24 per cent of Ugandans have access to piped water, either direct to their household, via a neighbour or from a communal standpipe or kiosk. The report also adds that 78 per cent households harvest rainwater as an option but less than 1 per cent uses it as their main source of drinking water.

One of the affected homes in Katooma village, Kanshenshero subcounty Mitooma district, is that of a one Mr. Felix Bimanywarunga and Ms Jovia Kyomuhendo. Their four children are only able to attend school for half or less the period of the entire school term.

“My children are always sick. If it is not diarrhea, its stomach pain and this keeps them out of school”, she says. A quick survey around the home reveals that there is no water or soap for hand washing after using the latrine.

Ms Kyomundo says that without money to get the basic items including food, soap is considered a luxury that can easily be foregone.

“Even when I get a piece of soap, I cannot waste it on hand washing. I would rather use it for washing clothes, dishes or bathing”, Kyomuhendo adds.

8-year old Owen Musinguzi, a primary one pupil at Katoma primary school has been the most affected, having attended a few weeks of the 3rd school term.

The Local Council 1 chairperson Katooma village, Mr.Fred Kahangire says discolored water from the spring wells is used for both cooking and drinking, causing various illnesses resulting from consumption of unsafe water.

He says efforts to get help from government on the matter have so far been futile as the work plans sent to the sub-county for improved water sources are yet to be approved by the district water and education authorities.

However, according to the Ministry of Education and Sports Guidelines for three star approach for implementation of WASH in schools, no permanent improvement of the school environment can be expected until the school children and their teachers begin to take an active interest in keeping the school premises clean. This, the education officials say will help Uganda achieve Sustainable Development Goals.                                                                                                                       SDG 6 aims for universal access to ‘safely managed’ water and sanitation for everyone everywhere. This means safe drinking water at home, work and in public places, available whenever needed. And a private toilet, where faecal waste is safely disposed of, with soap and water for hand washing.

While SDG4 to ‘ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning’ includes a target for building and improving school facilities that are accessible to all, including decent toilets and clean, safe water.

Mr. Kahangire says living without the human right to a basic toilet puts children’s health and safety at risk, and holds them back from reaching their potential.

He adds that it therefore is not surprising that children without decent toilets and access to clean safe water at home and school will struggle to complete their education. Children repeatedly suffering from diarrhea regularly miss school, causing them to fall behind in class.


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Nearly 30 million babies are born premature

December 14, 2018 12:00 pm

By Ssebuliba Samuel.

A new report released by world health organization and UNICEF has showed that nearly 30 million babies are born premature.

According the UNICEF Deputy Executive Director Omar Abdi, millions premature are dying every year because they simply do not receive the quality.

The report dubbed Survive and Thrive show that that among the newborn babies most at risk of death and disability are those with complications from prematurity.

However the report show that the financial and psychological toll on their families can have detrimental effects on their cognitive, linguistic and emotional development.

In 2017, 2.5 million newborns died, mostly from preventable causes,almost two-thirds of babies who die were born premature.

The report shows that 68 per cent of newborn deaths could be averted by 2030 with simple fixes such as exclusive breastfeeding; skin-to-skin contact between the mother and the baby, medicines and essential equipment; and access to clean, well-equipped health facilities

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Kyambogo graduation ends today

December 14, 2018 10:00 am

By Damali Mukhaye.

The Kyambogo University is slated to graduate the last batch of students at the main campus in Nakawa division Kampala district.

The graduation which started on Wednesday ends today with students from faculty of education, science and engineering slated to graduate.

The vice chancellor of the university Prof Eli Katunguka says that the transcripts and certificates for students are ready and students can start picking them starting next week.

He however says that only those who have cleared their dues with the university are the only ones who will receive their papers.

The three days celebration has seen the university graduate over 8,000 students from various disciplines.

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