Youth use Age Limit cash to buy mattresses for Health center

Edson Kinene-Rukungiri

A group of youth in Kebisoni village Rukungiri has used the age limit cash given by Rubabo MP to buy mattresses for a village Health Centre IV.

Paula Turyahikayo had gave Shs 50,000 to each member of the parish youth committees for refreshment but upon receiving the money, they all  agreed to put it together to make Sh1.2 million which they have used to purchase mattresses.

This was after a one Muzamil Kaggwa a member of Kebisoni town parish committee who recently visited Kebisoni Health Center IV suggested that the money be used to help patients who were sleeping on bare beds.

Turyahikayo also gave Sh 200,000 to the women’s committee while the men received Sh150, 000 per parish, all totaling to Shs 4.2m.

Each Member of Parliament was recently given Shs29m to facilitate consultations on the controversial age limit bill.