Youth leaders welcome Plan to transfer Youth fund to statehouse


By Ritah Kemigisa

Youth legislators have welcomed the latest move by government to move the Youth Livelihood fund from the management of the gender ministry to statehouse.

The shakeup follows the auditor general’s report that showed an existence of ghost beneficiaries under the program where shs Shs527 million untraceable.

The Northern Region Youth MP Oscar Omony tells kfm that the gender ministry has mismanaged the funds and that they have made no impact.

Omony is hopeful that with statehouse more youth will be able to get a share of this money an opportunity he argues many have missed out while it was under the gender ministry.

He however asks the state to consult the youth leaders to know which groups are better organized to receive the money.

Some civil society activities have however expressed fear that the fund attached to the programme could be politicized and thus make it difficult for MPS to demand for accountability