Women’s Situation Room Launched in Kampala

The Electoral Commission Chairperson Eng. Kigundu Badru is urging all women to use their natural power to promote peace and stability during the fourth coming election.
Eng. Kiggundu says there is a high possibility of election violence, thus asking mothers of this nation to use their power to appeal to their sons and daughters against engaging in violence.
While launching the Women’s Situation Room on Thursday in Kampala, Kiggundu said women and children are usually the most affected by violence so they must take the lead in promoting peace during and after elections

As Uganda gears up for elections next month, women are continuously being asked to take an active role in ensuring peaceful voting and meaningful participation, through the Women’s Situation Room.
Violence during an election cycle is a common phenomenon in most African countries where it may be triggered by political or ethnic tensions, or flowed electoral processes.
Since women and girls are usually the most affected by the violence, women in Africa are devising new mechanisms to help reduce violence during elections. One such mechanisms is the Women’s Situation Room.

The Women’s Situation Room is a process that mobilizes, harnesses and taps into the expertise and experiences of women to take action in prevention of conflict leading to violence that could emerge before, during and after elections.

The Women’s Situation Room concept was first implemented under the Angie Brooks International Center(ABIC) during the Liberia Presidential and Legislative Elections in 2011.

It is meant to complement traditional observation mechanisms by analysing data and information coming from the field and providing early response to election related incidents in a timely manner.

Story By Damalie Mukhaye