Women activists storm Buganda Road court in support of Rwabwoogo

By Ruth Anderah. 

Women activists have today stormed Buganda Road court to render support to the Kabarole Disctrict woman MP Sylvia Rwabwoogo.

Rwabogo had turned up to testify against Brian Isiko; a college student she dragged to court for allegedly sending her love messages.

Rwabwoogo who was being flanked by many women, a police bodyguard and her Lawyer Ladislous Rwakafuuzi however did not give her testimony because the magistrate handling her case is away in Washington for a conference.

The MP has now been ordered to return to court on the morning of November 23rd by another magistrate KettyAcaa.

Isiko who is out on bail is battling 2 offenses of cyber harassment and offensive communication in which it is alleged that  he sent obscene and offensive messages to the MP.