Woman sues AG AG over unlwaful arrest on allegations she had child with minister husband

By Ruth Anderah.

The Attorney General of Uganda has been dragged to High Court Kampala by a 39 years old woman seeking compensation for unlawful arrest and her detention for three months without any charge.

Tabisa Edisa Nakazibaa single mother of three says on October 12th 2017 while at her home in Lugazi three armed police men, jumped out of a sliver saloon car grabbed, blindfolded and cast her into the car and drove off to unknown destination.

She contends that while in the vehicle they started beating and slapping her asking to tell them who were the father of her last born and that why she was having a love affair with Hon. Percis Namuganza’s husband.

According to the plaintiff, while in detention were seriously beaten with sticks which had nails while punishing her for bearing a child with minister Namuganza’s husband.

In May 2018 she reported a complaint to the current inspector General of police who referred her to CID Headquarters kibuli to make a statement but was not helped because she was informed by one policeman that minister Namuganza went to kibuli and asked police not to record her statement.

In her sued through her lawyers Ladsilous Rwakafuzi, Tabisa says she did not know that the father of her last borne Issa Bakaaki is a husband to the minister.