Woman Kills Husband Over Used Condom

A 25 year old woman has admitted to killing her 27 year old husband after he returned home with a used condom.

In a police statement, the suspect says her husband Edward Nsubuga’s immoral behavior had gone beyond what she could take.

She explains that her deceased husband’s action of showing her a used condom proved that she was worthless to him.

Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesman, Mr. Patrick Onyango says the woman, a resident of Nsangi Sub-county, Wakiso District is likely to be charged with murder but she will first be subjected to a medical examination to establish her mental status.

The suspect claims that the deceased recently bought a new car and started hanging out with other women, angering her.

She told police that on the fateful night, she picked a knife and slit her husband’s throat while he was asleep.

According to police figures, the increasing cases of fatal domestic violence against men are worrying though most men don’t report to police for fear of being ridiculed and branded weak.

The 2013 crime report shows that of the 360 people killed in domestic violence that year, 183 were men compared to 177 women.

Domestic violence is ranked among top 10 crimes reported to police annually.

Story By Andrew Bagala