WFO speaks out on suspected food poisoning

By Damali Mukhaye. 

The world food program has spoken out on the suspected food poisoning they supplied to health centers and some refugee camp saying that they have also dispatched an independent investigations into allegations.

This followed the death of three people  and hospitalization of over 200 people from napaka and Amudat in karamoja region after consuming the super cereal fortified food that was supplied by the world food program.

Addressing journalists at media center, the WFP country director El-Khidin Dallom Says that they procured the cereals from three countries including Italy, Belgiumand Turkey, but the country that supplied the suspected poisoned cereal was from Turkey.

He also dismisses the media report that the food was donated, saying that it was just procured.

He however notes that they can not conclude that the food had the poison since the food was supplied in eight districts but only two are affected asserting that they await results.

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