Vote counting continues in butaleja

Nebanda 2
Vote counting continues in Butaleja district, with NRM’s Florence Nebanda in a clear lead at most polling centers. NRM supporters are already jubilating in anticipation of a land slide win. Voting in the by election to replace the late Cerinah Nebandah closed at 5pm following a rather low voter turnout.

Meanwhile to avoid chaotic scenes after the final results are announced, security operatives in the district have temporarily halted the sale of fuel at all fuel stations. According to a team of independent observers, led by the Citizens Coalition for Electoral Democracy there was a delay in the opening of most polling stations.

At some polling stations voting started after 7:30am contrary to 7:00am as required by the electoral laws. The late start was largely attributed to the lack of the required presence of five voters in the queue to witness the opening of the polling station.

The observers have also noted that most polling stations had good representation of candidates’ agents. At most polling stations, there was however uneasiness amongst the agents who suspected each other of being detectives masquerading as agents. There is very heavy presence of security in the areas around Butaleja District headquarters and Butaleja Sub-County.

Preliminary observations indicate overall improved logistical organization on the side of the Electoral Commission, with relatively well trained officials deployed to manage the polling exercise. The race is between five candidates; FDC’s FelistusNamwihiriri, NRM’s Florence Nebanda, Sarah Logose, Betty Hamba, and MunabaPeruth who are all independent candidates’,’Vote Counting’,