Visitation Committee wants Makerere University reopened

By Rita Kemigisa
The Visitation Committee established to probe Makerere University Issues has proposed to President Yoweri University to reopen the university if it is to effectively conduct its investigations.
Addressing Journalists at the Media Center, the chairperson of the visitation committee, Dr. Abel Rwendeire said they forwarded the proposal to the president last week at state house adding that they are hopeful the university could reopen anytime soon.
Rwendeire says the committee has come up with a work plan that will look into issues of governance and institutional building, Academics, student and staff affairs and also financial management.
He added that the committee has secured offices at the University’s main building, senate building as well as the president’s office at parliamentary building where they will be holding meetings.
Meanwhile Dr. Rwendeire has revealed that the committee will use at least 500Million for the three months of inquiry.
He however says, they might need more time to thoroughly do the investigations.
The visitation committee comprising nine members was appointed by President Yoweri Museveni last week and is expected to examine the problems afflicting the University and propose long lasting solutions.
They are to also study previous reports.