Vetting of ministerial nominees kicks off

Parliament’s appointments committee has started vetting the new ministerial appointees.

The first nominee to appear before the committee was Hon. Eriya Kategaya for first Deputy Prime Minister.

Also waiting to be vetted shortly are the other two nominees for the position of Deputy Prime Minister; Hon.Henry Muganwa Kajura and Hon. Moses Ali.

According to a vetting schedule released by parliament’s pubblic relations office, next to be vetted will be Hon. Muruli Mukasa, and Hon Kabakumba Matsiko, nominees for Security and Presidency respectively.

The hour of 11:00 am to 12o’clock will see the First Lady Janet Museveni, Dr. Kidhu Makubuya, Dr. Chrispus Kiyonga, Dr. Stephen Malinga and Bunayandi Tress vetted by the committee.

They are nominees for ministries of Karamoja Affairs, General Duties in the Prime Minister’s Office, Defense, Disaster Preparedness, and Agriculture respectively.

The two day exercise will see the committee handle five nominees per hour.