Vendors stranded as evictions kick off

Kampala city vendors have petitioned Kampala Capital City Authority over their fate, hours after their eviction from the streets.

Led by one Kafero Sewankambo, the over 28,000 vendors are proposing alternative venues to the authority including Nkrumah road, Nasser road and Allen road, where they want to operate from.

They also want to be allowed to have evening markets so they can sell their merchandise without disrupting business in the city.

The vendors say the leaders of the markets where KCCA has promised them stalls are demanding for money ranging from 100,000/= to 200,000/= to allow them work there.

They are now asking KCCA to come up with a concrete position but also allow them opportunity to work. Operations to evict the vendors began the last night and the city streets are unusually clean.

Meanwhile, The city Executive Director Jennifer Musisi says she will not be deterred in her efforts to clean the city.

The operation she is leading has been criticized by Members of Parliament and the city Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago who says the vendors should have been given more time.

Musisi has however hit back at her critics, asking what their contribution to the redevelopment of the city has been.

Story by Hadijah Mwanje