Use the Christmas recess to do groundwork – Kadaga tasks Busoga legislators

The Speaker of parliament Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga has tasked Busoga legislators to use the Christmas recess to do groundwork, consultation and engagements with resource persons and come up with comprehensive strategic Busoga Action Plans.

Ms Kadaga urged that while the national slogan is Kisanja hakuna mchezo, Busoga as a region should take on Kisanja okanula amaiso- opening up eyes for bold action and demands- which can only be achieved with a road map and action plan.

“As we go for Festive season recess, and position ourselves for the national cake in appreciation for our total loyalty to the ruling party, we should use ourselves, every resourceful person to transform Busoga and reap and if we don’t aggressively strategize, open up and demand we shall come out empty, Ms Kadaga cautioned the Basoga to use their leaders and positions effectively and for once work and speak as a team in packaging and sieving the regions needs and priorities and stop personal sentiments.

“We should know our allies and when we ask, ask it big and for all. Let us be solid, speak on language development and unitedly push our regions interests,” she added.