US Embassy denies ARV stock out reports

The United States has dismissed reports of a looming stock-out of anti retro-viral drugs saying money to implement the Test and treat Policy is available.

A statement released by the US embassy in Kampala indicates that through the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for Aids Relief, the American government agreed to provide $11.5 million to procure ARVs so that Uganda could meet the expected demands of Test and Treat, on top of an additional $8.6 million to fill other funding gaps related to procurement.

According to the statement, the Government of Uganda committed to provide $23 million to help cover the country’s ARV needs through June 2017.

The US mission also indicates that the new Test and Treat guidelines are not to blame for Uganda’s chronic drug shortages.

The guidelines were officially adopted in December 2016 and the Ministry will begin their implementation in January 2017.

Earlier, the National Medical Stories General Manager, Moses Kamabare had expressed fears of looming drug stock-outs, mostly for anti-malarial drugs next year.