UPDF – don’t be worried about army men on the streets, Kampala is not a war zone

By Ritah Kemigisa.

The Uganda Peoples defense forces have allayed the fears of City dwellers who have over the recent days expressed concern and fear over the heavy deployment of soldiers in Kampala.

Speaking to KFM, the force’s spokesperson Brig. Richard Karemire says Ugandans should not be worried about the men in army uniform because Kampala is not a war zone and as such should not be a cause of alarm.

He adds that the army is heavily deployed in all areas around the country and some outside countries like Somalia.

He alsoreveals that there are no plans of deploying more soldiers in the city insisting that the ones the people see have always been there.

Quoted by the Sunday Monitor, Karemire justified the army’s deployment in quelling the recent riots saying an assessment was done by [police and it show d there was need for them to swing in action and support them.