UN, Somalia unveil 14 million USD Peace-building

By Moses Kyeyune.

The Federal Government of Somalia and the United Nations have unveiled the 2019 portfolio of the UN Secretary-General’s Peace-building Fund, with 14 million US Dollars earmarked for support of new state-building projects in the country.

The announced last evening will support five new projects focusing on stabilization, internally displaced persons, reconciliation and state-building processes.

Other projects include land for peace and the leveraging of the contribution of women to peace-building and promoting gender sensitivity in the national programme on disengaged combatants.

Speaking at the occasion in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu, Somalia’s Minister of Interior Federal Affairs and Reconciliation, Abdi Mohamed Sabrie, said the five projects will strengthen the country’s administration structures to enable them to develop.

The Secretary-General’s Peace-building Fund has supported Somalia’s recovery process since 2009, and investments to date amount to approximately $45 million.