Ugandans not happy with Local govt’s performance

By Ritah Kemigisa.

Latest report shows that 47% of Ugandans are not satisfied with the performance of their local governments in providing them with water services.

According to the Sauti Za Wanainchi study of Ugandan’s experiences and opinions on affordable access to clean and safe water, the lead researcher Marrie Nanyanzi says one out of four households in the rural areas are not satisfied with what their leaders are doing while 40% of those in the urban areas are not satisfied with the local government leaders.

She is now calling upon the local leaders to put more efforts to listening to the demands made by the people so that water can ably reach their households.

According to the report, Ugandans in the rural areas are decrying the few distance and the few water points plus the longtime they spend to collect water while those in urban areas want the high prices of water fixed and for the flow to be regular.