Ugandans executed in China


The ministry of foreign affairs has confirmed the execution of two Ugandans in China.

Omar Ddamulira and Ham Andrew Ngobi were executed after they were found carrying drugs and were convicted.

The ministry spokesperson Mr. Fred Opolot has confirmed the execution of these two saying that drug trafficking is a serious crime worldwide, attracting grave punishment.

“Damulira was executed on May 21st 2014 while Ngobi was killed ┬álast week on June 24th,” he said.

“Their bodies were cremated but we have initiated talks with the Chinese government to return the ashes to their families.”

The ministry further advises all Ugandans travelling abroad not to engage in such crimes .

Mr. Opolot said the two men’s families were allowed to talk to them on phone before they were executed.

By June 2012, Uganda’s embassy in China had compiled ┬álist of 23 Ugandans who had been sent on death row in China over drug trafficking while another 22 were serving jail life in jail over similar offences.

Uganda’s ambassador to China, Mr. Charles Wagidoso , said most Ugandans caught in the drugs trade, which is banned in many countries, are merely conduits of bigger players.