Ugandans blame their poverty on bad luck – Twaweza Report

By Catherine Ageno.

More than half of Ugandans believe they are poor because they are lazy, while 16% blame it on being unlucky.

This is according to a new report released by Twaweza on the haves and the have nots in Uganda.

Releasing the report today, the lead researcher Marrie Nanyanzi said only 11% blame their poverty on unemployment, 29% on social injustices while majority are worried that the rich-poor gap in the country is too wide and may never be reduced.

Nanyanzi says many of the Ugandans are blaming government for this wide gap, arguing that it is its responsibility to reduce it.

The citizens propose that the quality of education and health care for all, reduction of taxes and regulations on small business be improved to help reduce this gap.

The citizens meanwhile believe that to get out of this poverty, hard work is the key further arguing that inequality creates competition and encourages people to work harder.

This survey was carried out in May this year where a total of 2000 people were contacted through mobile phone calls.