Ugandan women continue to shun cervical cancer vaccination  

By Emmanuel Ainebyona.

A new study has shown that women and girls in Uganda have continued to shun the Human Papilloma vaccine meant to protect them against cervical cancer.

The study conducted by the a consortium of Uganda cancer organizations led by the Uganda Women’s Cancer Support  Organization shows that only 41 per cent of the girls aged 10 years have received the second dose of the vaccine compared to 88 per cent who received the first dose.

The study attributes the low uptake of the vaccination to poor planning and coordination among different stakeholders; poor social mobilization and insufficient communication.

Rebecca Mayengo, the group’s chairperson said that there is need for more parent involvement to increase up take of HPV vaccination for girls.

According to Dr Immaculate Ampeire of the Uganda National Expanded Program on Immunization, failure by the girls to take two doses of the vaccine exposes them to the risk of cervical cancer in future.