Ugandan Citizen sues UK government for 87 million shillings

A Ugandan Citizen has dragged the government of the United Kingdom to the High court demanding to be compensated with 87 million shillings worth his fence that was washed away by drainage water as a result of the negligent acts of the British council.

Epimac Kagoro says he is the lawful owner of plot 6 at Lincoln Lane Kitante which is neighboring the British council.

He says that in total disregard of others, the British council erected a metallic steel grille in the storm drainage which clogged up and blocked the drainage leading to destruction and subsequent washing away of Kagoro’s boundary wall.

Kagoro contends he had to engage services of a contractor to rebuild his wall hence incurring huge financial expenditures to which the British Council has refused to take liability.

Through his lawyers of Abbas Advocates, Kagoro wants the High court to compel the British council compensate him with the said money, an order that pays damages to him and also an injunction permanently restraining her from interfering with the enjoyment of the neighbor’s property.

The court Registrar Alex Ajiji has signed summons ordering the government of United Kingdom to file its defense within 15 days.