Uganda Wildlife Authority maps Crocodile territory

The Uganda Wildlife Authority has mapped crocodile territory in order to capture them easily amid a growing wildlife – human conflict.

This is after the reptiles attacked and killed people in the waters of lakes George, Edward and Kazinga channel.

This was revealed by the manager Queen Elizabeth Protected area Nelson Guma after UWA captured another 50 year old man eater on Sunday.

Guma said that UWA has identified some islands on Lake George which are believed to be territories of crocodiles and breeding zones for fish where fishermen from Kashaka fishing, in Katunguru sub-county

Rubirizi district have been getting problems in the recent past.

He said so far four crocodiles had been captured since December 2014 and relocated to Kibwera Crater Lake inside Queen Elizabeth national park for proper management after four people lost their lives at Kashaka fishing village.

He said UWA has established a 20-man crocodile squad that is undergoing training on how to manage the problem of crocodiles.

Conservationists estimate that Lakes George and Edward and Kazinga channel have 300 crocodiles