Uganda on track with MDGs, Museveni

Museveni 4

Progress towards the MDGs in Uganda has been driven more by rising incomes and improvements in the broader economic environment than direct Government interventions or service provision.

These were the remarks of President Yoweri Museveni at the special event on efforts towards the achievement of the millennium Development goals in New York.

He says Household income has particularly been important for gains that the country has registered in child health, access to sanitation and progression to higher levels of education.

He says in the last decade Uganda’s GDP more than doubled with every percentage increase in GDP resulting in a 1.4 percentage point decline in the level of poverty.

According to Museveni despite the fact that Increase in the reach and quality of social services has played a part in Uganda’s MDG progress, this has been to a lesser extent.

He said the accessibility and functionality of these services depends on complementary infrastructure (particularly the transport network), and the economic circumstances that influence service demand.