Uganda most affected by refugees –UNHRC says.

Uganda has been singled out as a country affected most by refugee outflow in sub-Saharan Africa.

According to the October report from United Nations High commission for refugees, Uganda has been receiving over 2,400 new arrivals every day since the beginning of October and over a quarter of a million new refugees since the re-eruption of violence in Juba on 7 July.

Most of the arrivals are from the Equatorial regions of South Sudan where they report armed groups harassing civilians, killings and torture of people.

In recent weeks, refugees have been increasingly using informal border crossing points, reportedly due to the presence of armed groups along main roads.

Bidibidi which is The new refugee settlement in Adjumani district opened in August this year, has become one of the largest refugee-hosting areas in the world now housing 170,000 South Sudanese refugees.