Uganda Marks Tuberculosis Day

Sarah Opendi

The secret to the effective fight against tuberculosis is completing treatment.

This is according to the State Minister for Primary Health Care, Sarah Opendi Acheng.

She has called upon the public to support Tuberculosis patients to complete the treatment.

Opendi made the call while officiating at the National Tuberculosis Day celebrations at Masaka Liberation Square in Masaka town.

She says that the country is performing well with identification of TB patients but a big number of patients diagnosed with the disease do not complete treatment.

Opendi says that it is dangerous for tuberculosis patients to default treatment because they risk developing multi drug resistant tuberculosis which is more dangerous and hard to treat.

She noted that as the country commemorates this International Tuberculosis Day it should be every one’s responsibility to support patients on Tuberculosis treatment to complete the prescribed doses because tuberculosis is curable.

The day is marked under the theme: “A call for a world free of Tuberculosis’’.