Uganda is very rich but the resources are being misused – Besigye

Business in Fort Portal town was on standstill yesterday as Besigye went through the town on his way to the FDC party fundraising meeting meant to solicit funds to run the party activities.
He said that the Uganda is very rich but the resources are being misused by the few for their own benefits and majority are becoming poorer every day.
“80% of Ugandans rely on agriculture but the government allocates little funds to the agricultural sector whereas a lot of fund is allocated to run the state house” he said.
Besigye expressed his concern about government’s failure to prioritize the agricultural sector in order to boost it.
“I was disappointed to see Mr.Museveni boosting irrigation in Luweero by fetching water using a jerycan in this 21st century after 30 years in power” he said.
He said that the government has failed to pay civil servants which have hindered development in all sectors.
“The government is misusing taxpayer’s money to benefit few and leave others poor. It failed to pay Makerere University lecturers which has led to endless strikes, hence closure of the institution and who is suffering, our children”

He was addressing the Kabarole FDC party fundraising at Buhinga playground in Fort Portal town. He told the people of Tooro to be patriotic in order to liberate the country.

“Uganda will not attain middle income status when power is still belonging to the few dictators.“We shall not attain middle income status by 2020 if we are still under the leadership of a dictator. Hunger is killing people because of prolonged drought that leads to shortage of water. How shall we attain middle income status when our people are still dying of hunger? “
He said that government should put up measures in preparation of disasters in order to cub hunger that claimed lives of people and livestock.

However, Besigye promised the people of Tooro that he will continue fighting for the rights and freedom of Ugandans until it is achieved.
“I will not sit and watch my fellow Ugandans being denied their rights and freedom”