Uganda celebrates culture

Uganda today marks the world cultural day with a call for creation of more employment opportunities.

The day is being commemorated under the theme; ‘Cultural industries a source of job creation and employment’.
The national celebrations are to be held at the national theater in Kampala with an exhibition of the different cultural items, film shows and an oldies music gala that will feature artists from the 60s.
This year, the government is urging young people to exploit the cultural industry as an alternative means of employment.
The minister of state for gender and cultural affairs Rukia Nakadama says that Uganda’s un employment rate especially among the youth is still an acceptably high.
She appeals to the youth to be creative in using their God given talent and assets availed by their respective cultures and the environment to earn a side income.
The cultural industry in Uganda include producing, publishing, preservation and distribution of creative products such as local literature, audio and visual tapes, art and crafts and fashion among others.
Nakadama says that this year’s theme was selected to show the young people another avenue for job creation.