Uganda cancer institute needs 120b shilling budget

Uganda cancer institute notes that by government increasing its budget is the only way for cancer control and management in the country.

Speaking to the Institutes director Doctor Jackson Orem, only average they need 120billion shillings per to optimally run the service but they have a short fall in achieving that.

Doctor Orem notes that there is one can­cer treat­ment cen­ter (Uganda Can­cer In­sti­tute) with lim­ited ca­pac­ity and yet it serves peo­ple from all over the great lakes re­gion: Rwanda, Bu­rundi, DR Congo, and West­ern Kenya as well as Uganda.

He has also dismissed reports that the in­sti­tu­tion acquired old version cobalt ra­dio­ther­apy equip­ment that was banned world­wide be­cause they are dan­ger­ous to hu­man health.

He says the machine acquired that is yet to be commissioned on 19th of the month meets with the international standard.