UCE candidates to be briefed today

By Damali Mukhaye

Briefing of the 2019 Uganda Certificate of Education exams candidates is to be conducted today across the country.

The Executive Secretary of Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB), Mr.Daniel Odongo says the briefing of all candidates must be done by school heads and should not be delegated to other staff members.

He notes that their experience in previous examinations that breaches of rules and regulations by candidates occurred in centres where briefing was poorly done, or not done at all.

Mr.Odongo says heads of the centres should explain clearly to their students the rules and regulations regarding their conduct during the entire examination period.

He says candidates should also be informed about their responsibilities and the cautioned against examination mal-practice and the consequences of involvement in any irregularity.

Mr. Odongo is also appealing to religious leaders to use their platforms to preach against mal-practice starting with the Muslims who congregate today.

Written exams start on October 14.