Two mbarara municipality district officials arrested.

The Parliamentary Local government Accounts Committee has ordered the arrest of three Mbarara municipality technocrats over signing fake tenders and misuse of public funds.

The suspect have been identifies as  Jackline Masambu the Principal Human Resource Officer , Richard Kerere the Principal Finance Officer  and Edgar Atwiine Rwabutwagu the Senior Procurement.

Currently this committee headed by Hon Reagan Okumu is in Mbarara for two days following the Auditors reports on the districts of Ankole and Kigezi sub regions.

Okumu said that more are yet to be arrested including those involved in the Mbarara Taxi Park tender which was awarded for five years with no clear contract

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According to the Acting Town Clerk Masambu, the municipal council is supposed to collect at least three billions as revenue per year but they end up collecting about two billions due to lack of accountability .