Twelve year old makes radio to help fellow pupils


A twelve year old boy from Bushenyi district Given Kayondo has made a radio that transmits information from the classroom to other schools classrooms.

The radios microphone is given to a teacher parental care primary schools which performs well in PLE with 98 percent first grade yearly during lesson hours and then the signal transmitted to seed B or UPE schools which perform poorly.

The UPE schools then come with their own radio cassettes in class so that they can listen to the teacher from Parental care primary school during lesson hours.

According to Kayondo, he conceived the idea of building a radio from his uncle who is a radio mechanic in Bushenyi municipality.

He says by building the radio, he wanted to help his fellow pupils in UPE schools to improve on their education standards since his school has better teachers.

The radio is made of a circuit board, capacitor, resisters, dry cells, laptop battery and an old robot.