Tree audit shows 53,000 trees in City

By Damali mukhaye. 

The Kampala capital city authority tree audit report has revealed that there are only 53,000 trees in the city, a figure which is very low to transform the city into a low carbon and climate resilient city.

While presenting the findings during the KCCA workshop in Kampala, the tree auditor at the authority Marvin Kibalama says that various reports have rated Kampala in danger of inhaling bad air due to les trees planted in the city.

He says that 53,000 tree species in makerere, kololo,Nakasero and mulago is very low in appear in such big spaces calling upon property owners in the city to plant more trees to cub down bad air emitted by cars, industries among others.

Meanwhile, he says that all parts of down town like at old park, and where arcades are located don’t have any tree and majority of the trees are unhealthy.