Treason charges for protestors

The Inspector General of Police Major General Kale Kaihura says they have evidence implicating members of the Activists for Change in acts of treason.

The activists launched the second phase of the walk to work protests this week, which they say are meant to draw government attention to high cost of living.

General Kale Kaihura now says the police has recordings of the group’s meetings, plotting to plunge the country into chaos, with plans of over-throwing the government.

The recordings the police have are of meetings reportedly chaired by the FDC’s Ingrid Turinawe.

Kaihura now says the police is hunting for Ingrid and that the case has already been forwarded to the Director of Public Prosecution for charges to be instituted.

Meanwhile, the police has arrested 15 people this morning, all in cases related to the walk to work protests.

The total of suspects arrested countrywide since yesterday now stands at 45, all of whom are expected to be produced before court.

Story by Patricia Osman