Three arrested in possession of pangolins worth 6 million

Police in Abim District is holding three men who were arrested while in possession of 1 live and 2 skinned pangolins worth 6 million Uganda Shillings.

Those arrested include Felix Orebo  a police officer attached to Jinja road police station, Bosco Logel a Para-Legal with Uganda Law Society and Sylvester Omara a Nursing Assistant at Koya Health Center II.

According to the O.C Station Abim Police Station Dickens Turinawe the suspects were arrested in a fake transaction arranged by the Natural Resource Conservation Network

The suspects came along with 10.1 kilograms of skinned Pangolin and 1 Live Pangolin to the would-be buyers and they demanded for 6 million shillings.

The suspects are currently being interrogated at Abim Police Station and will be charged with Unlawful possession of a protected species and Conspiracy to commit a felony.