Things to getting Excited About Football in 2019

Football is the most popular sport in the world. It has over 4 billion fans who come together to enjoy this great sport. 2018 was an eventful year for a lot of people, especially after the World Cup. Some of the best highlights of last year include: England winning a world cup penalty through a shootout and Manchester City lifting the Champions league cup in style.

It is already one month down the line in 2019. You can place your bets on the Uganda Cranes here, anytime you want. Here is a look at what it has in store for you in the football arena.

The Premier League

If you remember a time like this last year, Manchester City already knew they had won the Premier League trophy. They already had 14 points on the scoreboard after only 18 games.

However this year things are going to be a bit different. Other clubs are also eyeing the cup with Liverpool, Chelsea and Spur hot on the trail of City. The competition will not only be seen in the field but also among managers who are looking at various tactics of how they can score more points. For instance, Emery Unai who has been a breath of fresh air to Arsenal, Maurizio Sarri of Chelsea and Mauricio Pochettino of Spurs are looking to get the trophy.

This season is going to be different with more surprise defeat such as the one we saw before Christmas when Crystal Palace defeated City. If you are looking to enjoy football, then keep tabs with the Premier League and see how things unfold.

Women’s World Cup.

The women will also not be left behind because 2019 is there year to showcase their football prowess. The Women’s World Cup which will take place in France next summer is looking to attract a lot of countries.

One of the most anticipated matches is between England and Scotland which will take place onĀ  June 9. Other countries who are likely to bring in stiff competition include USA, Japan, Germany, and France.

The finals of the Women’s World Cup will be held at the State De Lyon on July 7.

The Scottish Premiership Title.

The Scottish Premiership title is looking to be a fierce one this season. The Celtics are very vigilant to regain their lost glory after Manchester United walked away with the title last season.

The Scottish football scene is shaping up to become better. Some of the teams which are leading on the table include the Celtics, Rangers, Kilmarnock, and Heart.

UEFA Champions League.

A lot of UEFA fans are wondering if England can be able to win the championship this season. Last year England managed to reach the World Cup semi-final in over 28 years. Since then the team feels rejuvenated and are optimistic that they can bag the UEFA Championship.

However, they will face fierce competition from countries such as Portugal, France, Croatia, and Romania.

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