Ministry of security gives assurance over the rising crime of kidnap

By Benjamin Jumbe.

The ministry of security has given assurance that the rising crime of kidnap will be addressed.

It comes as more children and women are kidnapped in various parts of the country, some of them killed by their captors who often demand huge ransoms.

Security minister Gen Elly Tumwine says there seems to be a pattern in many of these cases.

He says the main motivation of these heinous crimes is money.

He however says security agencies are closely working together to deal with the matter, giving assurance to the country that the criminality is to be dealt with and overcome.

The minister however calls on all members of the public to join the security agencies in fighting this crime.

He has been giving an update on security sector performance as per the NRM manifesto.

Later this afternoon, education and sports minister Janet Museveniwill also be explaining to the public what government has achieved in the two year since President Museveni’s fifth term started in 2016.