Teachers oppose selective salary enhancement

By Benjamin Jumbe.

Teachers under their umbrella body Ugandan National teachers Union have condemned proposed salary increments for the financial year 2018/19.

In a bid to improve the welfare of teachers and quality of education, the government recently proposed an increment targeting secondary and post primary sectors.

In the proposed scale,government is planning to further increase salary of science teachers to 2M without considering the arts teachers in the same U4 category.

Addressing journalists the Union’s General Secretary Filbert Baguma said the selective salary increment is unfair and is likely to lead the country into an education crisis.

He calls for halting of the implementation of the proposed recommendations from the salary harmonization committee until due consultations are made

Nation Organisation of Trade Unions recently gave government a 90 day ultimatum to address concerns of the works threatening industrial action effective 23rd June 2018 if nothing is done