Teachers begin strike over low pay

Teachers under the Uganda National Teachers Union have resolved to go ahead with their planned strike beginning today, ahead of their anticipated meeting with the President.

 The leaders of the Union had asked the teachers to put the strike on hold until they have had the meeting with President Museveni tomorrow.

┬áSome teachers such as those at St. Peter’s Nsambya ignored this plea and went ahead with their strike today.

The teachers are demanding a 100% salary increment, citing the high cost of living and high rate of inflation among other factors.

In a meeting held this afternoon at Bat Valley Primary School, the teachers resolved to begin the strike immediately until something has been.

They say meeting the President on its own is not enough and that they will call off the strike only after measures have been undertaken to address their plight.

Currently, a primary school teacher earns Shs 260,000 on average per month, while secondary schools teachers get about Shs 450,000.

There are about 152,682 teachers on the Government payroll in primary and secondary schools.

Story by Victor Anecho