Tanga Odoi scoffs at party members calling for his resignation

By Benjamin Jumbe.

The NRM Electoral Commission chairman, Dr. Tanga Odoi has scoffed at a group of party members calling for his resignation.

The group led by Yasin Omar the Muyenga LC 1 chairman on Sunday accused Tanga of disrespect to other leaders and failing to secure wins for the party in a number of by elections.

Tanga has called on party members not to be duped by the group he describes as self-seekers being used by some top party officials who donot want to be held accountable for their actions.

He vows to continue serving and performing his duties as spelt out in his appointment letter.

There has been a long standing battle between Tanga Odoi and Kasule Lumumba the NRM secretary general which has not been solved despite the interventions of the national party chairman, President YoweriMuseveni.