Tabliq leaders welcome judges’ appointment

By Shamim Nateebwa

Tabliq Muslims leaders at Nakasero mosque have hailed President Museveni for appointing 14 judges to the Court of Appeal and the High Court saying it will help fill the existing gaps in the courts of judicature.

These, led by the Secretary General Ayub Nyende express hope that this will help their colleagues who have spent several months languishing in prisons on account of cases backlog due to few judges to handle their cases.

They add that this will help hasten the handling of their pending cases involving disputes over Muslim properties.

The President recently appointed four justices to the Court of Appeal and ten to the High Court.

Those appointed to the Court of Appeal include Justices; Christopher Madrama, Stephen Musota, Percy Tuhaise and Ezekiel Muhanguzi who recently retired as a High Court judge upon clocking 65 years of age among others.