Sweden doubles support to refugees in the West Nile region.


In a statement issued this morning, it has announced an allocation of 4.3 million USD to the UN Refugee Agency to meet the needs of over 500,000 people who have fled from South Sudan to Uganda over the last three years.

According to Ambassador Per Lindgärde, by mid-December Sweden’s humanitarian support to Uganda for 2016 amounts to over 8.6 million USD focusing on protection activities, providing provisional shelter, water, sanitation, health services, treatment of malnourished children and food aid as well as creating livelihoods opportunities for refugees.

He says the humanitarian response is severely underfunded and the Swedish contribution will ensure that more people receive life-saving support while also aiming at finding more durable solutions.

Amb. Lindgärde adds that Uganda has one of the most open and welcoming refugee policies in the world, and it is important that donors support and align with it.

Last week the Embassy signed a 3.8 million USD agreement with UNICEF aimed specifically at strengthening the health sector in West Nile, where the large influx of refugees has put a high pressure on health services and entire communities.