Suspended Mp’s case thrown out of High Court, forwarded to constitutional court

By Ruth Anderah.

The High court has referred a case of the  six suspended Mps to the Constitutional Court for interpretation .

According to a ruling written by trial judge Margaret Oguli-Oumo and read to court by Asst Registrar Joy Kabagye , having perused the evidence on record;

She has come to a conclusion that the  Mps inappropriately filed their case against speaker Kadaga and Attorney General before a wrong court.

Justice Oguli has explained that according to section 137 of the Constitution, any person who alleges to have been  aggrieved with any act or omission that contravenes the Constitution, should petition the Constitutional court for a redress.

For this matter , justice Oguli has declined to hear the case and instead forwarded the  file to the Constitutional Court with orders that each party bears its own costs.