Suspects accused of murdering former AIGP to be compensated

By Ruth Anderah:

The High court in Kampala has ordered government to pay 80 million shillings as compensation for the torture of the 22 suspects accused murdering former AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi.

Justice Margaret Oguli-Oumo has made the order this afternoon after the victims provided satisfactory evidence showing that their fundamental rights to freedom from torture and inhumane degrading conditions were violated by both police and UPDF soldiers.

The judge has also based her ruling on a report by the African Centre for Treatment and Rehabilitation of torture victims which examined 19 suspects and found out that they suffer from both physical and psychological impairments for which they have never been treated for.

Justice Oguli has ruled that the suspects were violently and forcefully arrested by military personnel and unlawfully detained in military custody before being remanded to police cells despite the fact they were charged before Nakawa court which ordered for their formal remand to Luzira prison.

Court has further ordered that the suspects be treated for all the wounds sustained after the torture and that the African Centre for Treatment and Rehabilitation of torture victims furnishes court with monthly reports regarding the medical status of the suspects.

However the judge has declined to grant an order releasing the suspects saying they still have pending charges before a competent court.