Suspect Commits Suicide

A criminal suspect shocked residents in Paya Sub County a rural sub county in Tororo district after he decided to commit suicide to avoid police arrest.

OwereChawino a resident of Atapara village allegedly committed suicide in the house of his neighbor’s house where he had run to take refuge after getting a tip that police were hunting for him.

The police spokesperson for Bukedi region Michael Odongo said the suspect committed suicide before he could be arrested over alleged theft of a motor cycle.

He said the deceased was reported to have been in possession of stolen a motorcycle UED 471E belonging to one Robinson Kasozi a resident of Kiyindi village in Naja sub county Buikwe district where he purportedly hired it from the own for self ride and later disappeared with it.

Odongo said the police have also been hunting for the suspect of being responsible for the recovered series of stolen motor cycles in PayaSub County.

He said most of the recovered motorcycles had their owners coming from Buganda and Busoga regions meaning that they are stolen from these areas and later ferry them to Tororo district where their identities especially number plates are changed.