Striking State Prosecutors make fresh demands

By Ritah Kemigisa:

Striking State Prosecutors have made fresh demands to government.

They have proposed that the highest paid prosecutor who is the DPP to be paid Shs37.1M while the lowest paid earns a monthly salary of Shs4.9M.

The figures were revealed by the chairperson Uganda Association of Prosecutors Baxter Bakibinga at an extra ordinary general Assembly they convened in Kampala this monring.

Bakibinga says the proposed salaries include basic salary and the professional allowance which he says must take immediate effect.

The other proposals are that the Principle State Attorney’s salary be raised to Shs14.3M, Senior Principle State attorney at 19.9M, senior state prosecutor at 5.9M, Chief State Attorney who is yet to be proposed at 22.7M, and Deputy Director of public prosecutions at 34.3M among others.

Meanwhile Bakibinga adds that four committees have been established to ensure the prosecutors demands yield success.

Last week the prosecutors went on strike demanding salary increment, promotions, tax exemption and nonwage benefits.

Although government last week yielded to their demands and promised to raises their pay, the prosecutors are yet to vote on whether to suspend or continue with the strike in this extra ordinary general Assembly.

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