Stray elephants kills pregnant mother in Oyam


Stray elephants from Murchison Falls National Park have killed a 7 month pregnant woman and seriously injured a pupil in of Aber Primary School in Oyam district.

Over thirty elephants strayed from the park on Sunday night and terrorized villages in Kamdini and Aber sub-counties attacking whoever they came across.

The elephants invaded the home of a one Moses Ogwok of Onea A’ village and killed his 23 year old wife Dorcas Awino.

The LCIII chairman of Aber sub-county Bosco Olweny says four elephants also strayed in his area and attacked a pupil of Aber primary school. He said the elephants injured Daniel Oryang 14 a pupil of primary five class in the mouth and knees and he is undergoing treatment at Atapara hospital where he is admitted.

The Resident District Commissioner of Oyam Jillian Akullo called for calm among residents saying the elephants have been forced out of their sanctuary by the prolonged drought.