Stop begging Museveni-Kivejinja tells Basoga

By Abubaker Kirunda

The third Deputy premier and Minister for East African Affairs Kirunda Kivejinja has asked people in Busoga region to stop asking president Museveni  to give them money to fight poverty as opposed to working hard.

Kivejinja said people in Busoga sub-region  can become rich even without  beging president and his government  because most of them have a starting point to generating wealth as compared to the person [Museven] they run too all the time.

‘’People in Busoga are just used to begging otherwise there is nothing much that can bar you from accumulating wealth because even Museveni you run too for help never had a descent home like some of you have and he was spending much of his time in the bush fighting so you concentrate on what you have to get rich’’ he said.

Kivejinja made the remarks on Wednesday while closing a one day workshop on the revival of Cooperatives in Busoga organized by the Ministry of Trade and Cooperatives.